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The chapel will be holding services during the summer months on Sunday at 9:30am during July, August, and the first Sunday in September. See our schedule below.

Summer Schedule 2020

  • July 5 (Communion) – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • July 12 – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • July 19 – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • July 26 – Rev. Steve Vance
  • August 2 (Communion) – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • August 9 – Rev. Stephanie Sauvé
  • August 16 – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • August 23 – Rev. Dennis Dewey
  • August 30 – Rev. Vance Mortensen
  • September 6 (Communion) – Rev. Vance Mortensen

Important Notices about Summer Services in 2020

  • The total number inside the Chapel not to exceed 10-15
  • Social distancing must be maintained
  • Wearing masks is required
  • We will keep a contact roster for those attending
  • We will clean the chapel immediately following services.

The Chapel is currently locked, and we’ll discuss whether to lock it during the week as summer progresses. Thanks to everyone for their input and patience and support during these unusual times!

Occasional winter services are scheduled. The chapel is available for other services upon request.  Please contact us for more information.