Our Pastor

Rev. Pamela “Pam” Peterson

07052016_rqlkechplnews1_w300We welcome Rev. Pamela “Pam” Peterson as our new settled pastor. Pam originally hails from the Western New York Chautauqua area where she lived until entering the seminary in Philadelphia in 2008. With intentions of becoming a country pastor, she was amazed and shocked when the call to Trauma Chaplaincy knocked on her door in 2013. Her professional life prior to ordination in the United Church of Christ included many interesting careers including child care, wedding planning, tree trimming, race car building, Boy Scout Camp leadership, YMCA leadership, family literacy, parent educator, early intervention, and sales.

Pam’s spiritual journey has taken her through many protestant denominations where she has served as a Methodist lay speaker, Congregationalist women’s ministry leader, Pentecostal worship leader, and a Lutheran vicar. Her experiences in church leadership and non-profit administration helped prepared her for ordained ministry. The Spirit and a healthy sense of humor prepared her for chaplaincy. Pastor Pam previously served as settled pastor for the Central Village Congregational Church in Central Village, CT and regular supply pastor for the First Congregational Church in Jamestown, NY.

The mother of two grown sons and grandmother of nine, Pastor Pam shares her sense of humor, optimistic outlook, and faith journey which are sure to touch your heart. Celebrating her 45th year as a flutist, she looks forward to bringing her gift of music to our chapel as part of her preaching ministry. Rev. Peterson serves as the Trauma/Emergency Medicine and Women’s Health Chaplain at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT and looks forward to being a part of the Raquette Lake and surrounding Adirondack community. You can contact Pastor Pam at piperpam6@gmail.com or at 203-631-9994.